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Lisa Cornish is a personal exercise coach and speaker. A specialist in her field, inspiring functional movement and improved performance for people who experience incontinence and / or bladder dysfunction.

As a cancer survivor ... I love life and do everything I can to live each day better than the day before. I know it sounds like a greeting card, but it’s a great way to live.

Having cancer and disease incontinence made me fully appreciate life. I go after what I want in life and I am a stronger and better person for it.

When I am hesitant to take that next step, I look over my shoulder and she is always there; that young bald girl, who taught me to thrive even through the tougher times of life and take that next step.

In a world where most people aren’t comfortable with talking about dysfunctional bladder and bowel issues, that next step for me is to disrupt the market and talk about the issues and inspire people to gain confidence to improve their lives and wellbeing.

Lisa Cornish
As a personal exercise coach.

A one-stop shop for people trying to find guidance and inspiration with a fitness routine that gives confidence with functional movement and improves current wellbeing.

Great advice for what fitness activities you should be focussing on to improve your physical health.

Guidance in fitness choices to ensure exercise safety for Pelvic Floor and Bladder conditions.

Provide resources for people looking for guidance in their choices.

Specialising in improving the lives of people for exercising with confidence who suffer with incontinence and bladder conditions such as neo bladders & Mitrofanoff.

Online and Personal exercise coaching.

As a speaker.

Lisa’s incredible and inspirational journey as a cancer survivor ... makes her a perfect person to inspire others to do more.

Her story is told with a passion for enhancing people’s performance in life. She shares her personal story authentically from the heart, with a presentation style that is engaging, informative and courageous.

Audiences will appreciate that the content is real and will go away with tools to tackle life’s challenges with confidence and courage.

On a more personal note Lisa is an ambassador for the Australian Mitrofanoff Foundation, a not-for-profit group that supports families of kids and adults receiving treatment for bladder conditions such as cancers, bladder extrophy.

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  • Lisa is an outstanding motivator and leader. She leads by example and she makes training fun, varied, challenging & rewarding. Lisa is inspirational to train with and is passionate about helping you set your personal goals and achieve results.

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